Weddings 4 Warriors

Weddings for Warriors (W4W) is a grassroots project

To say thank you and to honor our heroes in the US military who serve and protect. The project was started in Savannah, GA and is now spreading across America, with towns expressing their gratitude and appreciation in a way that is special and unique to their venue.

Communities gather to provide the dream wedding and vow-renewal ceremonies to all branches of active duty US military personnel,

as a gift of gratitude.

If you're active military or a veteran, and you wish to be considered for a wedding here at Las Brisas Farm, please click on APPLICATION below. Also consider being a volunteer in helping us with the actual events for our warriors. The blessings will be yours. Working together we can make their dream come true. If you're a vendor, consider donating your services. Please click on VENDOR below.

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